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Help make smarter business decisions - with dynamic AI.

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Don’t ask ‘what if’... ask Quota.

What if you knew what your clients real-time numbers were, broken down into key KPIs and benchmarked against the local market? What if you had useful guidance to help guide your clients in making key decisions about what comes next for their business?

Quota not only closes the feedback loop, it eliminates it - by providing the real-time business feedback you and your clients need to hit those critical milestones. Our dynamic AI engine gives you the necessary insight for competitive benchmarking, market effects and forecasting, while our SmartBudgeting* system provides automated, responsive budgets that understand and adapt to business model variants, no matter the industry.

Simply plug it into your existing workflow - and let it get to work.

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Real-time calculations that make real sense - from cash flow to COGS, tax liabilities to payroll, Quota is able to show the real-time compilations and reports any Accountant, Advisor or Owner needs.

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Simply integrated into any combination of Xero, XPM and Quickbooks, Quota is a plug-and-play insight solution that automatically syncs with your usual Chart Of Accounts reconciliation process.

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Compare numbers and get predictive insights through AI generated, industry-wide and hyper-local NAICS benchmarking, instantaneous GIFI coding and market-led trends.

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Simple graphics, breakdowns, explanations and relevant examples provide Small Business owners a place to explore, plan and model their business as it progresses in real-time.

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Useful for brokers, insurers, lenders, franchisors and investors, Quota's shareable client dashboards allow key decision makers to work with the latest business data they need to tailor their support.

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Automatically updated per reconciliation, instantly export* real-time reports to any Business Intelligence or Tax tool - or create custom Monthly, Quarterly and Annual reporting templates.

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Who it’s for.

Quota has been designed for Accountants, Bookkeepers and Advisors who need a simple way to understand their Small Business clients - and allow those clients to understand their own businesses better, all with zero overhead. Supporting Xero / XPM and Quickbooks, Accountants, Bookkeepers and Advisors can consistently switch between clients, regardless of the chosen accountancy platform, with in-built admin support for grouped companies and franchises.

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How it works.

Powered by Xero and Quickbooks, Quota can be simply added to any individual client account or practice-level account, where it immediately begins breaking down the available Chart of Accounts into relevant, industry-specific insights. Onboard each client in minutes with document upload support, then send them automated one-click logins - giving them secure (SOC II and FIDO compliant) access to their personal business environment.

Updated ambiently per reconciliation cycle, Quota uses GIFI and NAICS coding to align business data with both nationwide and hyper-local benchmarks, allowing both advisors and owners to see their real time market position, and allow for better decision making.

As the reconciliation cycle continues, Quota is then able to build predictive models which consider market influences and seasonal variants, giving Small Business Owners empowering strategic insights. Simply put - it just works.

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Who built it.

Created by the founders of Wagepoint, and advised by a growing cohort of highly-seasoned CPAs, CFOs, Advisors Bookkeepers and industry technology partners, Quota is not short of experience when it comes to knowing the problems Accountants, Advisors and Small Business Owners face - and the incredible power of data can have in decision making.

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